Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Break

My mom was talking about their plans for Lafe's spring break. Disneyland with Paul and AMy's family then Arizona to the Dj and Libby's family. No where did she ask me if I wanted to come I had to ASK if I could come on this family trip!! Can you believe it??? I mean Disneyland with the nieces and nephews... HELLO that screams Aunt Hannah all over! PLUS then getting to see my pregnant sister, her adorable son & husband that I never get to see.... YES I WANT TO COME!!!! My parents said yes. I asked for dates and went straight to work to write in the time off book that I was going on a family vacation for one week!!!

I was counting the weeks then days to when we were going! I do not think I have been this excited for a family trip since, well, never! The night before we left Dad agreed to Lafe and my own plans over his IF Lafe and I were all packed and ready to go by 8 a.m. I was up at 6:30 a.m. to shower & make sure I had everything thing packed. by 8 a.m. I was upstairs ready to take off. My parents were not. My Dad was running and my mom was cleaning.Lafey was at choir expecting us to pick him up at eight. I went downstairs to make sure my room was completely clean. At nine the packing and cleaning were still not done. I went to go get Lafey from choir. At ten we were finally ready to go. Those of you who know my Dad he is not in the most wonderful state of mind if we are not ready to go by the set time. Getting off two hours late was not his favorite thing. Lafe had to do some garbages and other getting ready activities which did not make him the most happy. Mom was in an eh mood. I on the other could not have been more excited about this trip! I was singing and dancing. I would be so excited to Lafey and he would come back with some sly remark while trying to stay in a bad mood. (Lafey secretly loves when I being a nerd, he just has to act like he is cooler then that.) Dad was feeling really badly. He felt like no matter what he did he was the bad guy. Most of the time my dad does not always tell us when he is feeling this way. He couldn't hide it this time. Tears were coming down his face. I asked him what was wrong. He told us all. I may have felt sad that my Dad felt that way and I may have cried some tears for him. This changed the whole mood. I believe this is where the trip become truly positive. So, thank you Dad for letting us know how you felt.

This is how this trip started. I will be posting this trip in many different posts. That way they will not be TOO long for you to read. And I know you will be dying to come back and read more about the adventure of spring break!

Goodbye for now!


libby said...

woot! hannah posted on her blog! YAY! can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures!

Amy F said...

The truth according to HaNnAh!!! How fun!

So glad you posted. And I'm so glad you were excited and came on the trip. It truly would not have been the same without you... we loved having you there!!!

Post more! Post more!!!

Don't forget to post about how you were amazing with your longest run EVER down the streets of Anaheim.

Hannah Ruth Frandsen said...

Libby! It is amazing huh???

Amy... I loved it! I am very glad that your family decided to come! Our adventures are coming... You must be patient. & keep checking:)