Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am the luckiest girl ever!! I got to go to California to spend a weekend with Paul, Amy and the kids! It was wonderful... Paul works so hard, not only at his official job but at being a dad:) He loves his kids!
One night I was putting Michael to bed and as we said Amen to saying his prayers Paul was at the door. He told Michael that mom had given Micheal permission to watch the first half of the Jazz game together!! I thought that was so cute, it made me smile:) Paul loves to spend time with Michael they have such an awesome relationship and I love watching them together! Paul is also so good with the girlies! All three of them...He treats them like Princess so they believe they are princesses AND IT IS ADORABLE! The kiddos are lucky to have Pauliana as a dad!
Amy is utterly amazing! I do not know how she does what she does. Time after time I am amazed with the patients that she has for her kids. They cry, she listens to their sad story... They yell, she calms them... They disobey, she understands... They do not understand, she explains... They make messes, she cleans them up... They complain, she looks past it... but most of all they love their mom and she loves them. Everyday Amy is enjoying her kids. She can see that the time she has with them if important and going by fast so she takes advantage of it. Every time I am around Amy I learn valuable things. She is consistent and reliable! I am so glad she is in my family and I am so blessed to have her in my life! I love you Amy!!
Bekah is a spicy, cute, fun, loving, demandable, observant and a tease!! She loves to tease me. I would ask her for hugs and she would run towards me and right before she would give me a hug she would laugh and turn the other way, it was adorable!!! Even before she went to bed she wouldn't give me a full on hug. But I love her and do not think I am capable of ever getting mad at her! She is also a sweet little girl. She is observant of most things! She asks questions all the time:) she is always learning! I just love being around her!!
Abby has the sweetest voice and laugh! She is full of hugs! She is also a tease though. She would do the same thing as Bekah at fist then I would give her a sad face and she would laugh and come give me a big hug! She is such a happy girl right now! She loves Bekah and always asks where she is... She loves to play with her. Sometimes Bekah likes to take her stuff and Abby gets mad for a minute then she will forget about it if you can distract her:) I loved being with Abby everyday also!
I also loved being with Michael. I thought about Amys post about Michael being a little man. It is very true. He is very helpful with the girls for the most part and always willing to help his Mom. He is very helpful with Ella. He loves to make Ella laugh and Ella loves it! Michael loves to tell about all these HUGE numbers I have never even heard of! I am glad I got to learn those numbers with him! He is so fun with sports he loves to tell you scores of games, he always has a game going on in his head! He is always thinking and learning I am amazed at how smart and grown up he is!!
And then there is Ella. What a good little baby! For the most part she is calm. Sometimes she will demand attention but she is mostly easy going. I was amazed that she would stay with me around Mom. It was so fun! I got to hold her for two hours at church and she fell asleep in my arms. I was so sweet to watch her sleep. And then when she woke up she was so curious about everything and full of smiles! She is usually full of smiles:)
Thanks Paul and Amy for letting me come stay at your home! Having an extra person in the house is not always easy but I appreciate it so much! I will miss you guys this summer and am sad I will not get to be in on the seven peaks adventures! Maybe when I come home in June I will get to go once and see your house!!! CAUSE YOU WILL BE MOVED IN YAY!!!!! I am excited that you will be here in Utah for now on!! I will have to baby sit the kids for you and maybe, if Aaron will allow it, I can also baby sit Aaron and you and Jonny and Mel can all have a fun night together!! That won't be for a while since I will be gone for the summer!
Speaking of being gone for the summer I am also the luckiest girl because I get to go spend an entire summer with Stevie!! Yes I know everyone is jealous! Who wouldn't want to spend a summer with him! And also in New York! Thanks Stephen for letting me come stay with you! I hope that you won't regret it. I am very excited!!!:) May 5th baby! and Happy birthday to you Paul on the day I leave!
I am also the luckiest girl because I got to spend time with Libby and Mack... and a little time with Dj and his family! Libby picked me up from the airport Tuesday when I got in. I got in around ten which is about midnight her time so she was very tired. But I am glad that you picked me up Libs. I loved talking with you about music and life. I love you so much and already miss you. I hope that you have had a good time while in Nevada and Utah!
Mack is adorable!! He lets me hold him:) and sometimes he will even laugh!! I decided he likes me very much. He is a chubby little baby but it is very very very cute. He is a very good little baby. We drove to Las Vegas with him. We left at about 11 a.m. and got into Vegas about 7 p.m. He only had two real out breaks! But even during those little sessions he was still cute:) Libs and Deej love him very much!
Dj I don't think I have ever told you how glad I am that you are in our family. I love watching you with Libby. You love her so much. You are the best thing, besides Mack, that has happened to her. You are such a fun guy to be around. I do not think I have seen you ever upset. Even at times like when Libby has to buy a new stroller you had a very good reaction. Libby needed someone like you. I am excited to get to know you more! and to come visit you and libs this summer. I also love your family. They are fun to be around just like you! You are all easy to talk to and make people feel welcome! You have always been really nice to me also. It was fun going to dinner with your parents. I wish that we could get together as families a little more!
Jonny and Mel it was good seeing you at Katies shower! Aaron is so cute and has such a strong personality. He is also a good little boy! He is growing growing growing!! I will have to come spend time at your house so you guys will have to endure me also like every other sibling! and then maybe Aaron will get more use to me and let me hold him:) I love you guys!!!
And the last reason why I am the luckiest girl is because I have a loving little brother and two great parents!! thanks Mom and Dad for all you do for me! I would probably be homeless and very uncared for with out you two! Thanks for giving me options! And Lafey I love being with you! You are doing so well with sports keep it up bud. I am sad I will not be here for your games this summer. I know you will do well though! I love you.
I have the best family in the whole world!! I don't know how many people will actually read this it is very long! but I could not make it shorter there is a lot more I could write!! But I just want you to know I love you very much and thanks for being there for me:) I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE YOU AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!:) and you love me:) hehe


Amy F said...

I read it all and I llllllloooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee yyyooooouuuuuuu ttttooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Can't wait to read your synopsis to the kiddos when they wake up. You are still in every prayer and your name shows up in pretend playings all day long.

Take lots of pictures and post them in NYC. Oh, I mean... make sure Stephen takes a few pictures. Or, um, you should probably get a camera or something. Don't let your summer in NYC go undocumented!!

paul said...

great post hans. i love you too.

Mikey, Anna, and Lillie said...

you are a very loving person Hannah! I hope we get to see you when you are in New York. We're driving there in about a month. Will you still be there? If you get the chance to come down to DC, youv'e got a place to stay! See ya.

Dad (TMF) said...

Hannah: What will the summer be like without you in our home? Lonely. Unexciting. Work hard.

Dad (TMF) said...

Well, I have already told you how much I am going to miss you. I guess I won't be making so many trips to sad.

ron said...

Hannah: Looking forward to seeing you in NY in a couple of weeks when we come to Peter's graduation.
Stephen is so fun and will take very good care of you.
~ Aunt Shauna
PS ~ Did you know that Jill and Simon are also coming to NY? We're thrilled.

Stephen said...

NYC!!! this summer. it's going to be like a family reunion. can't wait.

Amy F said...

ooooooo... I wonder if Paul and I could sneak to the NYC. Now THAT would be fun!

libby said...

Oh hans, Mack and I had so much fun with you for the 24 hours we were together! Can't wait to see you in New York!

Hannah Ruth Frandsen said...

thanks for reading it all amy!! and you are so right I need to get a camera!!! And I pretend like I am Abby and Bekah all the time:) I will say things to my Mom and my voice became soar... HAHA but now I am just sick:( and I love you too paul!
Mike and Anna thanks:) and yes I will be there in a month! I am there for the WHOLE SUMMER! wahoo!
Mom and Dad I will miss you, and yes life will be very sad with lonely and unexciting with out me.. hehe and you can save on gas now mom!
Shauna, this is going to be one big family party! I can't wait:) and that will be fun to see Jill and the family also!!
Stephen one day! :)
Amy and Paul please come!! so so so fun:)
Libs I can't wait to see you either!!
Party in New York everyone! the family reunion should just be held in New York! what do you think??? I like it!

melinda said...

Hannah, I was just thinking about how we need to kidnap you in SLC for a few days because all the other siblings get to have you for hours on end because they live outside of sad how that works! WE just love you and would love to have you here for a few days (Aaron included).

embily said...

hannah, i know you're here in nyc already, but you're probably still asleep :) i can't wait to see you this weekend--and we'll have to plan some fun activities to do together before peter and i leave!

patty said...

Hannah, time for al new post. Have Stevie take some pictures of you in city. We can't wait to see you tomorrow, I'm taking the girls up to Amy's so they can pick you up at the airport. They love their Aunt Hannah.

Amanda said...

HANNAH! You have a blog?? Yay for me that I found it...can't wait to keep in touch! Update soon!