Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poor poor Cougars:(

Well like I said I would keep you informed on how the cougars are doing with the NCAA, well they are done. They lost by a lot to Texas. Very very sad.

Well I still have lots of homework. I am writing a paper for my Book of Mormon class... not happy about it. I have to write about what my majors perspective would be on the section we are on. It would help if i knew what exactly my major was. Hmmm, yes I am struggling to start the paper. That is the hardest part. If anyone has suggestions for me that would be wonderful!

Oh yes speaking of suggestions what is a good job I can get for the summer?? I need to find one ASAP! Well I am off to do my paper! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GO COUGARS:) Go away homework!

Well hello everyone how are you doing? I just thought that I would update my blog since i have not in a very long time. Well I just got done eating at Legends here at the BYU. It is across from the Smith Field House, right next to the Student Athlete Building. They have very yummy food there. I usually get the turkey sandwich on wheat. mmmm:) You should try it!

Well I am very sad that I am not in Philadelphia with the basketball team cheering them on... sad day:( But I wish them luck tomorrow at 12:30 their time (Libby and Stephens time) and 10:30 here in Utah (9:30 for the California residents! )They got an eigth seed. Texas, whom they are playing, recieved a ninth seed so hopefully they will do well! I am sure most of you know what I just explained but i thought that you would be proud of me for know what is going on!
I will keep you informed on their progress! because they are going to progress:)

Well now i must go and do much studying:( there are not that many more weeks left of this semester! WAHOO!!! Then there will be no homework for a while! YES! SUMMER:) and well of course a job... hmmm where should I work? any suggestions? :) love you all!