Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I must admit that this Halloween was not the most exciting. I went to my high schools state football game with a friend because she did not want to go alone. It started at four and we were home by about eight. That was actually a lot of fun. I called my best friend to see what she was up to. She was just going to watch scary movies at her apartment. That sounded nice to me becuase I did not really want to dress up. I went there and we watched Red Eye. That is actually a pretty intense show. I must say I am not a fan. BUT for some reason when I got there I decided to not be in a very good mood. I did not really want to have conversations with anyone. Also there is this kid that lives on the same floor as her and he DRIVES ME INSANE!!!! He kept trying to talk and flirt with me. I kept trying to not talk or flirt with him but he does not get the point! I made my friend come talk to me so I would not have to be bothered by him. That still did not work. During the second movie we watched he dicided to text me! HE WAS IN THE SAME ROOM! I did not text back until about the third text he sent in which I said I am trying to watch the movie sorry we will talk later. I left right before the movie was over so I could avoid him. Then he called me. All I can say is wow. I did not answer, he left a voice mail. He still tries to text me. I still have not replied. Hopefully he will get the hint VERY SOON! So that was my Halloween.