Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunday Adventures

We went to Russ and Christie's ward. The talks were wonderful in sacrament meeting. A family that had recently joined the church told of their personal story and testimonies. I learned a lot listening to them. The boy spoke about going to Italy recently with a choir. Eva was in that choir. She had returned home very recently and her sleeping schedule was not yet back to normal. It was nice to see Eva and get to talk to her. She is a remarkable young women. She is definitely going to go places with her life. I can't wait to see where her life goes.

After Church Aunt Christie suggested that Lafe and I go to the Gardens. They had a family pass and it was not to far from the house. It was a wonderful day so Lafe and I went on an adventure. Lafe is growing up. He has become one of my very best friends. He is also pretty good with a camera. Instead of telling of our trip I will show you...

Russ and Christie's before we left
What we call our Libby picture. It reminds me of something Libs would like. I think Lafe did a GREAT job!
Lafe.... being Lafe. I love it!
Yep my little brother is model!

Not sure who took the nature pics but we both really liked the lilies, turtles, and fish!
Trying to figure out how to make the flash go away... We did become successful after many tries
All of the gardens were just beautiful

Lafe... The next family photographer