Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Love My Family

This week has been wonderful!  Last weekend Paul, Stephen, Amy, Michael, Abby, Bekah, and Ella were all here!  Paul left on sunday morning.  Stephen left on Tuesday.  Amy and the kids have been here all week and are still here!! Jonny, Mel, and Aaron came for conference this weekend.  It was lots of fun being with everyone.  Paul comes tomorrow night!! YAY!!  I am sure Amy is very very very excited! I mean we all are but Amy sure does miss him.  This week has been wonderful with them here.  I wish they could just live with us, unfortunately they can't.  

Amy is such a wonderful mother.  She has so much patients with her kids.  This WHOLE week I have only actually seen her be frustrated or tired three times. BUT even in those times she is still so wonderful with her children! She is such a wonderful example to me.  I am so lucky to have her as my sister in law.  She really does care about me.  She is always making sure that things are going ok in my life and she is not annoying about it.  I love the friendship that has grown between us.  Thanks for everything Amy!!
Also I would like to say thanks to Mel.  She has been amazing through everything with Aaron.  She loves him so much.  Just today thinking about my son not hearing anything and just watching was breaking my heart.  I had just thought about how strong Jonny and Mel are.  They have not complained.  They have been sad but they have not complained for themselves.  They are not sad because they had a son that could not hear but they have been sad for Aaron.  They just love him.  Aaron is so blessed to have them as parents.  I watch Mel just do little signs to Aaron for him to understand.  And amazingly he does.  I would have no idea how to even begin to teach someone so small and precious things that seem to be so complex.  But Mel and Jonny have faith in Aaron.  I have such amazing sister in laws.  My brothers are very lucky! Be grateful Jonny and Paul:)   
Paul is an amazing Dad though.  He is so wonderful with Michael.  They have such a neat relationship! And wow he is so great with his little girls! He treats them like princesses! And Jonny is the one that lets Melinda know that it is ok.  This is their first baby and Mel is just so worried, not that Jonny is not, but sometimes she just needs someone to tell her its ok. You are all amazing!  

Libby and Dj I wish that you could have been here this weekend so I could watch you with Mack.  I miss you a lot.  I love the phone calls Libs! and Dj we need to start talking on the phone! But I do know that Dj is the most wonderful person for Libby.  I am also very glad that he is in our family!  And I miss Libby a lot.  Hopefully I will get to see her this summer.  
And stephen I am coming to live with you this summer!!!! At least that is what I have decided in my head for the last three days.  There is a possibility it could change but my answer is almost a positive yes.  There a just a few doubts... But I am very excited!  I love you Stephen and thank you for wanting me to come and live with you:)!  I love you lots!  
Mom Dad and Lafe I am going to miss you a lot this summer.  I am very sad that I will not get to go to Seven Peaks with everyone!  Mom and Dad thanks for all the support that you have given me this past year in my life! And lafey I love you! dont you ever ever forget it!!  Well It is getting late and I still have things to do! I love you family! Thanks for loving me too and always being there for me:)  


libby said...

Oh hans, I love you! And, I'm coming next weekend!! So... see you soon. :)

melinda said...

Hannah, you read me like a book! :) It is true, I often need someone to tell me that it is ok and to keep encouraging me. Thanks for being one of those people. We sure love you.

patty said...

We have loved having you home with us. You have been so cute with the kids, the girls adore you.
Thank you for helping me get the girls down tonight. Isn't it amazing that it took 3 of us to get the kids down while Amy does it all by herself. When we grow up let's be like Amy.

Stephen said...


Dad (TMF) said...

NYC--yeah. Mesquite--boo.

Amy F said...

Wow... what a fun post to read as I sit here and catch up on my blogging!... and important to-do after not checking things for 2 weeks!

Oh, Hans. Our little family loved being around you this past 2 weeks. Thanks for hanging out with us and helping so very much. Thanks for being so excited and supportive about our upcoming move. Thanks for helping me feel like I didn't just turn 30, and not making fun of me when I am my silly-goofy-nerdy self around my kids with you.

The kiddos love you so much. Thank you for doting over them... especially Abby and Bekah. Being twins, I ache as I see the deficit of personal attention they get. I love that you take the time to have one-on-one time with each of them.

And you are one of the only people Ella will stay with... happily... when I am around! Props to you!!

When I tell you I love you like a sister, I mean it. I always wanted sisters. I'm so glad I married into 2 of them, and that Jonny gave me another. Thanks for letting me be a big sister!

paul said...

ahh, thanks hans...

embily said...

hannah, you just made me cry! maybe it's just the pregnancy, but i think it's because of how sincere and sweet you are :) you are lucky that you do have such a wonderful family, but they are so lucky to have you!

(especially stephen--i think he needs his sister to come out here and help keep him on track ;))

Hannah Ruth Frandsen said...

Embily thanks for your comment it meant a lot to me!:)

Mel i love you too...:)

Libs I get to drive to Las Vegas with you! yay! i love driving HAHA but with you it will be wonderful!

Amy I love having you as a big sister, I really do!

Dad no comment... just kidding but mesquite was fun!

stephen cant wait for new york!!

and you are welcome paul:)