Tuesday, May 31, 2011

California Relatives

Saturday night we arrived at Russ and Christie's. We took a tour of the 'new' house. There was a lot of redoing for the wedding! It looked great! I wish I could have seen the finished products at the actual wedding. From pictures it looks absolutely AMAZING!

That night, after dinner, Uncle Russ asked Lafe and I if we wanted to go to Hollywood. I had to practically PUSH my Dad out the door. With a tired pops, Uncle Russ, Dad, Lafey and myself were headed to Hollywood. Uncle Russ explained everything as we passed. I told him he was just like my dad. He knew everything about everything we were passing. My dad is always telling us about the story of what we are passing in the car. It was a Saturday night in Hollywood so it was pretty crowded. Dad, Lafe and myself got out of the car while Uncle Russ stayed in the car and waited out the traffic. Thank you uncle Russ. Here are a few pictures of out adventures in Hollywood!

Peter someone.... Or just my giving Lafey the L sign... (aka Loser sign)
Sandra Bullock
Being Famous Movie Stars
Kermit the Frog
Super Strong Lafey
Super Super Strong!

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Amy F said...

Cute pictures! I love the poses to go with the people. Very fun. Looks like a great time... glad you guys had a Hollywood adventure!!